Dirtboots Adventure has been organizing Rock Climbing professionally across various parts in India. Rock climbing, while being an important aspect of mountaineering, is a challenging adventure sport by itself, one demanding strength, control and finesse. Other than being a weekend escapade, it is an activity, which is widely accepted by the corporate these days to enhance co-ordination and understanding amongst the team members, with lots of fun and thrill, not to mention the obvious fact that it gives an opportunity to bring oneself closer to nature.
We have been organizing rock climbing camps successfully in places like Mathaburu, Tilaboni, Susunia, Bero, etc. under the friendly guidance of our highly able instructors with adequate safety measures. All these places have rock features of different grades, for beginners as well as for the most seasoned of climbers. Along with rock climbing, these events feature various camping activities with a hands on guidance, in which, the participants can take part into, and get a first hand experience of the different aspects of rock climbing and camping. 


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