ROOPKUND TREK : Why is it the most glamourous trek in India

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Roopkund trek is considered to be one of the most glamorous treks in India. Rising to 15500ft it is one of the best high altitude trek you can go for. Read on to know more.

1. It takes you to breath taking heights:

Roopkund trek is only a few that take you to extremely high altitude but considerably safely. The lake itself is around 15500ft high and if you trek to Junargali, it will take you to 16000ft. You can see and feel the clouds float beneath you.

Flying above the clouds


The best thing is the trail is well laid out and quite wide. Many say this is one of the best treks you can do by yourself. It does not have narrow ridges, broken trails or areas where technical climbing or rope support is needed.

Well marked wide trails


2. Mount Trishul and other mountains:

Trek to Roopkund follows one of the most majestic peaks in India, the Mount Trishul. All through the route it plays peek-a-boo.

Wonderful Mount Trishul


One can get a magical view of Nanda Ghunti and the Trishul Massif. One can feel they are at a touching distance.

You get a magical sunrise view if you time it and brave the cold.


3. Mystery Skeleton Lake: 

Many treks in India have some unique local stories, some have haunting stories too. But no other trek in India has a story as unique as Roopkund lake or The Skeleton Lake. After such an high altitude trek, thin air, and days of long walks when you see about 500 skeletons spread across the lake, you are bound to feel an eerie chill down your spine. The history, many local hypothesis, and even many International research adds to the enigma. If not for the beauty of the lake, do it for the mystery.

4. Green highland meadows:

The trek crosses through dense oak forests and then makes way for widespread green meadows. 

Few other treks in India can boast of meadows as wide and beautiful as the Ali Bugyal and Bedini Bugyal, enroute Roopkund. Their vastness and beauty strikes you and stays with you.

The best part, no other trek can provide you the fun of may be having a game of cricket or football on the meadows.

5. The long walks in the oak forests, strolls through the green meadows, reaches its climax, when you feel the snow below your boot and make them dirty.

When the dirty boots carry you through the snow to reach the lake, hidden as a gem, you feel the adrenaline rushing through the veins.

Himalayan forests, green meadows, tall and mighty mountains, moonlit wide fields, cold nights under the clear sky and starry trails, emerging into a walk on the snow, its these variety of the views, that make the Roopkund Trek a truly grand experience you will rarely find on another trail.

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Thanks you Somnath Das for your wonderful pictures, Sourav Ray for your support.

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