Adventure travel and trekking in India has been gaining more and more popularity with time. A lot of people seem to prefer alternate tourism these days instead of conventional tourism and opt to spend a nomadic and adventurous life, far from the madding crowd, for a few days, instead of lazing in a plush resort. Carrying a heavy rucksack, moving from one point to the other, mostly by walking, staying in the tent and getting involved in various activities is what enthralls them. They are ready to sacrifice the comfort of a resort. Probably, the nomadic life offers them a chance to bond more with the Nature and a chance to introspect into their inner being.

There are many places for trekking in India. While many are popular and visited by a huge number of people from India and across the globe, many are difficult and challenging and needs experience and expertise to attempt those.

There are other forms of adventure travel and camping as well which are gaining more and more popularity.with time. Rock Climbing, Mountain Cycling, Nature Awareness Camp, to name a few. Dirtboots Adventure have been organizing such programs and providing quality service to the clients with a CSI of almost 100 percent. At the same time, we instill a sense of responsibility towards Mother Nature as we believe that each one of us can contribute in our own way for the betterment of Her and, in turn, of the society.

Over the years, we have organized and travelled to various places, few known, and mostly unknown, few easy, few difficult. We have interacted with a lot of people and have motivated them to take into trekking and camping activities and to harness a sustainable environment. We are thankful to our clients for travelling with us. We have gained a lot of experiences while undergoing those travels.The trips seemed to be tough at times, but later on, we’ve realized that instead of all those hardships and difficulties, its all those happy moments and memories which linger in our mind. Here are few of the travel stories which you may like to go through. Most of these stories have been shared by our esteemed clients (We prefer to call the FRIENDS though). Do let us know if you have liked those…

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