It’s a welcome sign that, with time, more and more people are showing interest in adventure trekking trips in India. A perfect poise of young and experienced trekkers and campers, DIRTBOOTS ADVENTURE is a leading name when it comes to adventure and trekking trips in India. Our trek tours combine the ultimate in group adventure, leaving the crowd and mundane worries behind, nature and serenity being your only companion. After a long day exploring the breathtaking beauty of India’s most remote and thrilling destinations, you will come ‘home’ each night to a range of indulging comforts. Trips to know one’s own self… experience, which would be etched in your mind for years to come. One thing is for sure, we don’t compromise with the quality and always look towards a long term relationship with our clients, whom we prefer to call FRIENDS.

We specialize in the following arenas of adventure travel and trekking in India :-

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