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Rock Climbing Camp

Rock Climbing in India is an adventure sport that is gaining in more and more popularity with time. Rock climbing involves ascending or descending or traversing across a rock formation or a rock wall. It is an adventure sport that demands both physical and mental fitness and strength. It is a sport that lets one step out of his comfort zone to see how he forays in challenging times, thus harnessing one's leadership and decision making skills.

Other than being a weekend escapade, it is an activity, which is widely accepted by the corporates these days to enhance co-ordination and understanding amongst the team members, with lots of fun and thrill, not to mention the obvious fact that it gives an opportunity to bring oneself closer to nature.

India, being a geographically diverse country provides an ample of opportunities for rock climbing that caters to both beginners and the most experienced of climbers. Dirtboots Adventure has been organizing Rock Climbing Camps professionally across various parts in India, speclializing in West Bengal in places like Mathaburu, Tilaboni, Susunia, Bero, etc. under the friendly guidance of our highly able instructors with adequate safety measures. Along with rock climbing, these events feature various camping activities with a hands on guidance, in which, the participants can take part into, and get a first hand experience of the different aspects of camping. long with rock climbing and bouldering, this program is aimed to teach you :-

•   Handling of rock climbing equipments
•   Tying knots
•   Rope handling
•   Belaying
•   Rappelling
•   Climbing techniques
•   Team Work
•   Camping