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When you are in a trekking or camping program, there are certain guidelines which you are requested to follow. These guidelines, though very simple can prove to be extremely critical for the overall success of a trekking program. Below is the list of things which you are expected not to do while you are trekking and camping.


DONT's :-

•   Do not tackle what is beyond your training and experience. Ensure that your equipment is in good condition

•   Don't make loud voices and use radios as these disturb others

•   Do not throw stones and dislodge boulders

•   Do not pollute water or dispose plastics here and there

•   Do not remove the plants, flowers and trees or damage them. Don't disturb wildlife

•   Do not wear climbing boots that leak or are tight

•   Do not hurt the religious sentiment of the local people

•   Do not touch cold metal. Touching cold metal with bare hands peels off a thin layer of skin, especially when the hands are damp

•   Do not carry too heavy a load. Do not over-exert. Fatigue predisposes to effects of cold

•   Do not have alcohol at heights